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Our missions


BAILIFF'S DEBT COLLECTION SERVICES : The Bailiff is a very important debt collection actor in France and all Bailiff´s Offices together collect more than  8 billions a year for both Commercial and Consumer claims during either the amicable or the legal phases .

For the amicable phase, we, as Bailiffs, have competency on the whole territory either directly on our own field  competence or indirectly by guiding out of his geographic area our preferential Bailiffs network composed of offices committed in a similar standard quality level than set up in our own Office .

Serving, notification, execution means, writ of attachment, affidavits, public sales by auctions

Tribunal d'instance de Trevoux BAILIFF'S WRITS : With regards to the french laws and for defined geographic field, the Bailiff, as Public Official Officer of Justice in France,  is the unique person allowed to notify both the procedural writs and the Court decisions .  In addition, he has the monoply for handling all the execution means following the Court judgements .

PROCESS SERVERS AFFIDAVITS, BAILIFF'S OFFICIAL STATEMENTS : In an other hand, the Bailiff delivers process servers affidavits that are part of the strongest legal tools at Court for reporting in front of Judges a situation,  a state, a dispute in Business deals for instance .

For all the here top competency field, we, as Bailiffs, act inside a  restricted geographic field  as part of the french territory ,  and benefit in addition of the whole french national territory network throughout other local Bailiff´s Offices as well .
Such structure offers :

- a unique claim handling place for all your cases,    wherever your french debtor is situed
- a flexibility and a permanent connection between the    amicable and the legal proceeding phases

- more over, our IT system facilitates us whilst dealing and    exchanging with you by EDI data field format ( thanks    contacting us at first stage accordingly )